Global Business Company

A GBC is a body corporate registered in Mauritius and licensed by the FSC. This type of structure is commonly used by those clients wishing to benefit from the various DTAAs which Mauritius has signed with other jurisdictions. This is because a GBC is considered for tax purposes, to be a resident in Mauritius. A GBC licence may be used for structuring investments, holding intellectual property, fund management, investment adviser/ dealer/broker and to provide other non-banking financial services, requiring special licences, amongst others

Few Features of GBC:

Place of Effective Management and Control (POEM) should be in Mauritius

Having a minimum level of expenditure, which is proportionate to its level of activities

Can do business in Mauritius and outside Mauritius

Accounting records must be kept at the registered office address of the Company

Main Uses of a GBC

To structure investments in countries which are DTA partners

Holding rights to intellectual property such as copyrights and patents

Trading business, Consultancy, closed end funds, PCC, Limited Partnerships and Global Funds

Family Office and Global headquarters administration

Insurance and Actuarial Services

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