Investment In Mauritius

Work & Live In Mauritius

The occupation permit (OP) which is a combined work and residence permit, allowing non-residents to work and live in Mauritius. A non-citizen can apply for an OP under any of the following 5 categories:


An Investor, as defined under the Immigration Act, is a shareholder and director in a company incorporated in Mauritius under the Companies Act 2001. Initial minimum investment of USD 50,000 and minimum turnover of 2 million has been removed. Moreover, the renewal criteria have been relaxed and the OP will henceforth be renewed if the company generates a minimum gross income of MUR 4 million per year as from third year of registration.


A professional is defined as a non-citizen who is employed in Mauritius by virtue of a contract of employment and registered as such with the EDB. The criteria of salary of MUR 30,000 (IT sector) monthly has been extended to other specific sectors. 

Self Employed

A self-employed is known as a foreigner engaged in a professional activity under the service sector only and registered with the Registrar of Companies. Income from business activities should exceed MUR 600,000 annually for the first 2 years, with an initial investment of USD 35,000.


The retired non-citizen permit requires an initial transfer of USD 1,500 at the time of the issue of the permit. The non-citizen must undertake to transfer to his/ her local bank account in Mauritius, at least USD 1,500 on a monthly basis.

Acquisition of an immovable property in Mauritius

The minimum investment amount criteria entitling foreigners to a residence permit following the acquisition of property under the Property Development Scheme, the Real Estate Scheme, the Integrated Resort Scheme and the Smart City Scheme is now set at USD 375,000.

The occupational permit has been lengthened from 3 to 10 years can be renewed afterward subject to established criteria. Besides, OP holders will be eligible to bring along their parents to live in Mauritius. 

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