COVID-19 - Business Continuity Plan

Further to the recent announcement made by the Government of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Mauritius and the 14 days lockdown as from 20th March 2020, Renesis Financial Services Ltd (‘Renesis’) is abiding by new governmental orders regarding health and safety and travel in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Renesis has a contingency plan in place to address challenges to its operations, whilst protecting both you and our staff. As part of our Business Continuity Management, our office is ready to address the specific challenges of the current COVID-19 situation with an already activated remote working system.

With remote working access already in place, there will be no interruption in our operations, and we shall ensure prompt and effective services to our clients. However, there might be slight delays in our response time.

Our business continuity and disaster recovery plans are regularly tested and maintained by our IT team.

Staff health, safety and security and client service remain our priorities. All our team members are accessible and in regular contact with our clients to continue to provide our best services.

Cybercriminals may use this time to launch phishing attacks and hacking emails. We recommend much caution when opening email links/ attachments or attending emails of suspicious nature.

We will communicate with you regularly, based on the decisions made by the relevant authorities and will be there to help you during this challenging time.

We thank you for your trust and are convinced that, together, we will overcome these troubled times and look for your continued support during this unforeseen situation.

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