The recent spike in new cases is due to a second wave which has spread again in many States across the globe. This pandemic has affected the World with significant number of deaths, leading to the impoverishment of the population and downgrading of economic indicators. (Georgieva, 2020).

On the national forefront to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government of Mauritius adopted the following new strategies which became “Our new normal”:

  • Travel restrictions: compulsory quarantine upon arrival, implementation of sanitary measures such as temperature control and wearing of mask to promote a safe Mauritius destination to curtail the propagation of the COVID-19. 
  • Agroindustry and Food Security: there has been the introduction of National Agricultural Food Development Program to promote food production concept and ensuring food security. The Government is giving around 20,000 acres of land to promote local plantations. To ensure greater food security for the population, sugar estates will be requested to put at the disposal of small planters, additional rotational land for the cultivation of crops like potato, onion, pulses and other vegetables.
  • Small and Medium Enterprise: the DBM (Development Bank of Mauritius) will help local business who are under difficulties with a provision of MUR 10 billion. Local products under certification “Made in Moris” will obtain grants ranging from MUR 5000 to 50,000. During the confinement periods the Government came up with the Government wage assistance scheme  and the self -employed assistance scheme to assist self -employed persons who have suffered a loss of revenue as a consequence of the lockdown in the fight against COVID-19
  • Health and biotechnology: there will be a booming in pharmaceutical industry whereby the MIC (Mauritius Investment Corporation) will invest in production, medical devices, and PPEs through a PPP enterprise. Also, the pharmaceutical industry will benefit from tax exemption. Further to that, the ‘Made in Moris’ mask is being exported to other countries to support in fighting against the pandemic.
  • During the confinement period, the Public was restricted from movement. The government laid the emphasis that employers shall encourage “Work-from-Home” to ensure business continuity.  To make sure all activities that are necessary for the proper functioning of the country during this period may continue, some employees have been allowed to attend duty on-site provided they were in possession of an authorized COVID-19 Work Access Permit.
  • To support different stakeholders which have been impacted due to the COVID-19, the Government came up with a fund with different private and public institutions to support them financially. This COVID-19 solidarity fund will help in alleviating suffering during the aftermath, strengthen the preparedness and response of the nation to face COVID-19 type situation and to save lives and maintain human dignity.

Today, Mauritius is in the process of becoming a self-sufficient country whereby several sectors such as IT and technology, agricultural, pharmaceutical and among others, are being developed. 

At Renesis Financial Services Limited, we are determined to provide tailor-made services to our clients since our office is fully operational. Alongside with our working routine, we are also focusing on the health and safety of our staffs since we have adopted all sanitary measures as directed by the Government of Mauritius for the smooth running of our company.

In addition, our Health and Safety Committee regularly checks about the latest updates and guidelines on the pandemic across the World to keep our clients as well as our staff members informed. 

We are ready and available to provide our services in all challenging times to our valued customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions.